Available Service Categories in Photography

Available Services in Photography

Nairobi, Kenya
Graduation Shoot

Show off your graduate's big day with these tips on graduation photography. We capture stunning phot...

Starting at KES3,850.00
Nairobi, Kenya
Kids Shoot

We capture stunning photos that carry along the special moment of the day Our packages are pocket...

Starting at KES1,925.00
Nairobi, Kenya
Wedding Shoot

Wedding photography is a specialty in photography that is primarily focused on the photography of ev...

Starting at KES44,000.00
Nairobi, Kenya
Baby shower Shoot

 This shoot Includes everything from the flowers and other decorations to food and drink. Photo...

Starting at KES11,000.00
Nairobi, Kenya
Corporate Shoot

Corporate photography includes all kinds of photographs used for a corporation's needs. The types of...

Starting at KES11,000.00
Nairobi, Kenya
Creative Photoghraphy

Creative photography is a technique by which you combine different shapes, colors, and forms of ordi...

Starting at KES1,650.00
Nairobi, Kenya

A Birthday  photo shoot is a series of images that are taken, with the goal of obtaining images...

Starting at KES6,000.00
Nairobi, Kenya

A graduation photo shoot is a series of images that are taken, with the goal of obtaining images tha...

Starting at KES9,000.00
Nairobi, Kenya

Wedding Photos are a great memory-prompt, and because we tend to take photos of happy occasions, the...

Starting at KES27,000.00