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Nairobi, Kenya
Mugiki Style

a hairstyle formed by interweaving three or more strands of hair. a narrow, ropelike band formed by...

Starting at KES1,980.00
Nairobi, Kenya
Stich lines

Stitch braids are a type of protective style that is made using the feed-in technique that is, you c...

Starting at KES1,650.00
Nairobi, Kenya
Sister locs

As we noted above, sisterlocks are a versatile natural hairstyle that consists of tiny-sized dreadlo...

Starting at KES3,850.00
Nairobi, Kenya
Fluffy kinky

Fluffy Kinky is the most versatile crochet style. It can be used to make natural-looking box braids,...

Starting at KES1,320.00